Trending Fabric Designs 2021

Two thousand twenty-one fabric trends see many colorful blossoms in the form of beautiful, smaller-scale contemporary floral. The new fabric design theme is a variety of flowers perfectly captured in spontaneous, fluid brush strokes. We are seeing homeowners' tastes evolve and become braver, with design inspiration more accessible. As we move on to stoffenmarkt 2021, this more confident perspective to the interior has encouraged a step away from safe, muted tones of the past in favor of impressionist trends that feature graphic prints and rich color palettes.

Here are some trending fabric designs of 2021.

Ahead of the Curve:

Panoramic lines, tactile surfaces, and a deep tone of copper and red merge to create a charmingly warm and cocooning interior, with contrasting textures and the touch of glamour. Rich, plush velvets are surely here to stay. Matte velvet in solid colors tends to be more popular, although this is being quickly followed by the more classic textured velvet finish that offers a look that is full of character and charm.

Raw Weaves:

With noticeable wraps and spinners, these stubby fabrics in rustic checks and boucle-like cloth cut from an artisan weaver's loom.

The Artist's Mark:

Loose brush strokes, playful dabs, and block prints on fabric in the strong monochrome palette ring sophistication and simplicity to the interiors.


Celebrate exuberant floral prints in beautiful color combinations. In specific floral take a moodier turn across fabric design, with the complex on dark heritage blooms that made an air of faded grandeur. Bold, dramatic blooms are perfect for those looking to make an assertion; use the floral motif in a darker palette throughout one's upholstery. An injection of personality is achieved without it looking overly chintzy.


This theme connects to the call for transparency and the fluid world in which we live. Adapting to the spirit of the times and the demand of the situation flexibility, pliability, and the ability to transform rapidly. The layering of the fabrics creates an amazing effect in combination with ultra-light coatings.

Raw Surfaces:

It is the answer to the increasing digitalization which increases the need for an embrace in contrast to the materials we have in our hands every day. Classic designs are given a new look by combining them with other yarns. There is no more order, and creativity makes uniformity disappear.


The need for softness doesn't come to rise from the need for tactility but also serves to protect the events of the world. As if we want to save ourselves against the harsh reality.


It is impossible to imagine a life without jeans, especially now that they have been accepted even in the more formal working environment. New techniques make it possible to create optical illusions, and even classic designs like the diamond are used to denim a new classy look and expand its applicability.